Paris Drag Strip

Real Street Shoot-Out

All contestants must have basic street equipment. ( Head

Lights, Tail Lights, Brake Lights, Current Tag, Current

Insurance, Two Seats, and Mufflers) No Exceptions!

Any size D.O.T. tire or a true 10.5 Drag Slick allowed. ( NO

10.5-W tires allowed.)

Only one type power adder allowed.

NO Alcohol or Methanol allowed. Gasoline Only

NO Lexan windows allowed. Except where the rollbar must

pass though window.

NO Delay Boxes Allowed

NO Collector Mufflers.

NO Wheelie Bars

NO Tube Chassis or Front Chassis Allowed. Backhalf Only

NO Cry Babies or Whiners Need Enter!

Eliminations will be run Heads - Up with the starting tree

set for Instant Green.

All pairing will be done by pulling cards.

All contestant must meet track saftey regulations and pass

regular track tech inspection.

Track officials will have the final say in all rule interpetations.

If you have questions call Chris Morphis 903-782-9303.

Join in and help support a class you like to watch. This race is

for us so help support it by keeping the car count up. If you like

to watch cars race heads-up and enjoy facing off agianst cars

you park next to at Sonic then enter. Witty banter is only half

of racing the other half is backing it up at the track.

This class will be run each month of the regular season

on the third friday in the 2004.

Race info and trash talk found at